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Create your Signature Style in 90 days

Look great. Feel confident. Own your first impression.

Empowered by Style goes beyond clothing– giving you everything you need to love your look and use it to smash your biggest goals.

Your wardrobe is like a cake. One of those beautiful ones that weren’t too hard to bake.

I don’t know about you, but I love my sweets. Creme brulee. Eclairs. Passionfruit cheesecake with extra whipped creme. Give me all of it. And anyone who’s ever baked before knows that following a recipe for something ‘yum’ from the oven is a formulaic process. Exact measurements. Do this. Do that. Magic.

Just like your wardrobe.

Except right now, you’re approaching your style like a Sponge cake. Just adding that bit of creme and jam and hoping that is enough to create that lasting impression.

You’re wandering the shopping centre like a maze, wondering, what the heck do I buy?

Then, add in variable sizing, your style, your colour palette and crafting a personal brand– it can be hard to know what direction your wardrobe should take.

Shopping feels like a chore, so you resort to those trusty comfy trousers and that *fingers-crossed-its-clean* top that makes an appearance in 90% of your Zoom calls.

What if you could ditch the ‘nothing to wear and nowhere to shop’ mentality? What if you had a signature style recipe that matched your brand? What if you could invest once in your image and make getting dressed the easiest part of your day?

We’re not trying to decode Grandma’s sponge cake recipe that’s scribbled with ‘add jam.’ We’re pulling up our tried and true baking formula to concoct a wardrobe that adds a sweet dose of confidence to your day.

Empower Your Life and Career Through A Sweet Style Recipe

The ultimate program for busy women who want to save time and money by creating a signature style that supports their life and brand.

Because when you feel attractive and wear something that communicates who you want to be in the world, you:

  • Move through your day with confidence and certainty. That look good, feel good energy is contagious.
  • Have intentional clothing options and an organized wardrobe that makes getting dressed easy (2 parts flour. 1 part sugar. A chocolate drizzle. We got this)
  • Feel empowered by your style, not held back by it
  • Know what you should be wearing, allowing you to shop less and be your own stylist when you need a new item
  • Create a sense of flow and ease around showing up as who you want to be in the world

A Sweet Wardrobe. See how my past clients reinvented their look.

1hr Style & Image Consultation

Where together create your style vision and image goals. You’ll be asked a series of questions that will enable us to discover what your signature style is and how we will achieve it. We will discover what is working and what is not working. This will be a foundation that we will build upon.

Style Personality Profiling

This psychology-based personality profile enables you to

  • Understand and balance your clothing with who you are.
  •  Learn the language of clothing and the impact it plays in your lifestyle.
  • Discover what fabrics, prints and cuts to wear that reflect your signature style

2.5hr Wardrobe Revive, Refresh & Reset

Together we will dive into your wardrobe where we bring life to your garments, accessories and shoes. We will refresh by removing ill-fitting items that no longer serve the woman you desire to be. Then it will be time to hit the reset button where we will create a shopping list of what is missing in your wardrobe. You will learn how to mix and match with what you already love, learn all the secrets to organising your wardrobe that you will love waking up to each new day.

1:1 2.5hr VIP Shopping Session x1

It’s time for the VIP treatment. Your garments, accessories and shoes will all be preselected and waiting for you in your own changeroom. You will be able to see all the perfect cuts, styles, colours and prints come to life.

1:30-minute Style & Image Zoom Call x3

You can rest assured that I am with you each step of the way. You can book yourself in for 3 zoom calls to ask any questions, show me what outfits you have been creating or ask my advice on anything style & image.

Personal VIP Photoshoot

It’s time to roll out the red carpet and snap up some professional photos of your new confidence and style by award winning personal branding photographer and empowerment coach Ksenia Belova. All inclusive of course, you will have your hair and makeup done by Cairns best artists. And I will be right there styling you in your outfits.

  • Hair styled
  • Full face makeup and lashes
  • 45 Minute photo session
  • Up to 3-4 outfit changed
  • Proof gallery for selection
  • Receive 2 retouched digital images

Once your photoshoot is complete, you will be welcomed to sit back and celebrate with appetisers and beverages with like-minded women.

12 weeks of Unlimited access to your very own stylist

You will have direct contact with me during your 90 days to creating your Signature Style. WhatsApp messages will keep us connected and I will be by your side, guiding you, coaching you and celebrating all your learnings.

Bonus: Personalised Colour Analysis

You will be draped to determine your best colours. You will receive your very own swatch of your best 50 colours along with a digital file of personalised comprehensive notes. You will walk away knowing exactly what colours to wear and how to them to make an impact in your professional and personal environment.

  • This analysis determines where you sit visually on each of the three scales -Value, Intensity and Undertone. The colours that work well for a person will make them appear more efficient, younger, more
    vibrant, energetic and attractive.
  • You will be taught how to use your swatch, what your hair, eye and skin enhancing colours are and how to coordinate colours for your outfits and make up

My goal?


Fire me as your stylist.

I love shopping with you. But my goal is to set you free. By adding education, communication, and empowerment into the process, we’re able to go way beyond the traditional ‘I worked with a stylist and bought some pretty clothes’ narrative.

By giving you the recipe of your signature style, you can learn about your body and look, making shopping easy whether I’m by your side or you’re going at it on your lunch break.

Who Is This Sweet Signature Style program for?

For the Go-Getter

Elevate Your Style, Elevate Your Life

You are:

  • A woman on-the-go. Career. Family. Friends. Goals. You’re on top of it, productively keeping everything running.
  • Ready for someone to tell you what to wear. The idea of knowing your best colors, cuts, and styles is dreamy.
  • Not a shopper. Perusing boutiques for hours and not buying anything is not the vibe. You want to shop twice a year and come out with clothes that make you feel confident.
  • Short on time. But you value that time immensely. You love shortcuts that let you spend more time with the people you love.
  • An ambitious goal-setter and high achiever. You want to invest in your image to get you to those goals faster.
  • Excited about the idea that when you look in the mirror, your inner dialogue goes ‘dammmmnnnnn’

Investment $3700 $3000
Limited time only

I need 10 or 15 skirts from Calvin Klein… strategic pieces that make getting dressed each morning easy and fun.

  • If Meryl Streep joined the program

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