Maximise Your Personal Image With A Wardrobe Cleanse

Maximise Your Personal Image With A Wardrobe Cleanse

By Chantal Togany | March 8, 2021

Does your wardrobe match your personal image? To find out, take a hard look into your wardrobe. 

Do the clothes inside bring you the confidence needed to take on your day? Can you easily pull out an outfit you know will keep you in boss-mode all day? Are there items you haven’t worn in years, don’t fit, or no longer serve you?

Follow My 7 Quick Tips For A DIY Wardrobe

Not everything in your current wardrobe matches your style or the personal brand you’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s your work wear or that never-worn dress you purchased on a whim from your favourite women’s fashion site, these items aren’t beneficial to you or the image you’re trying to achieve.

Updating your wardrobe is much more than keeping up with the times. It’s putting yourself (and the message you want to send to the world) first. The clothes you wear represent who you are and what you want. They also help inspire others to put their trust in you.

By following these 7 steps, you’ll master the power of style that gives you the confidence to go for what you want in full boss-mode!

Schedule Your Stylist Session

Set a date and time you can commit to cleaning your wardrobe. You shouldn’t feel rushed or constrained in any way. This is an important step as it may take some time to go through all of your garments. 

Prepare For Everything

Stock up on garbage bags and come prepared with matching coat hangers. This way, as you pitch unnecessary items, you can revamp your wardrobe on the same day with stylish and sturdy new hangers.

Make Sure You Have It All

Ensure all your garments are in one place. Make sure there are no clothes in washing baskets, laundry, or at the dry cleaners. You want to look through everything, and I mean everything, so you don’t miss any items in your wardrobe.

Get It Sorted 

Lay out all your garments in their categories. Jackets belong with jackets, shirts belong with shirts, and so on. If you want to get really detailed, you can create sub-categories of work wear and casual wear (but it’s best to start simply).

Are You A Boss, Or Is It A Toss?

Try on each item and decide whether to keep it or not. This may be time-consuming, but it is well worth it. Here’s a strategy to help you get started:

Do you love it and feel amazing in it? Does it work for your body shape and colouring? Do you wear it often? If yes, begin a pile labelled, “KEEP.”

Do you love it? Does it work for your body shape, but you just don’t wear it often? Put this in your, “MAYBE” pile. 

Do you feel uncomfortable in it? Does it not fit right, or is it the wrong colour? It’s definitely time to say goodbye as you don’t feel like a boss in it. Put this in the “TOSS” pile.

Put It All In Place

Once you have sorted these garments, be sure to either donate or pass on the items you are ready to part with. Make a final decision on the B pile and put back your A pile, sorted and organised in their place.

Replenish Your Fav Styles

Take note of any key pieces you may be missing in your wardrobe. These will be the wardrobe holes you notice when you often think to yourself, “if only I had X item this outfit would be perfect.” Write these items down so you may purchase a well-fitting, stylish piece to complete your wardrobe.

After following these quick tips, your wardrobe will be set to take on any workday, brunch with friends, or holiday with the in-laws. Now, everything fits and makes you feel like the confident boss you are!

However, if you’re still struggling to understand what to wear in a way that gives you complete confidence and power, give me a call! I’ll walk you through your wardrobe and provide a personalised colour analysis, shopping session, or personal consultation.

Finally love what’s in your wardrobe by following these 7 simple DIY wardrobe tips!

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