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Reach Your Professional And Financial Goals By Creating An Authentic And Powerful Brand Image

Whether you want to get a promotion, attract more clients, or empower yourself by regaining your confidence,we can show you how to use image and influence to get to the next level

Why Work With Empowered By Style?

Based in Melbourne, Empowered By Style is considered one of Australia's top image and branding companies. Here’s why:

Committed To Your Success

Our approach is unique in the industry because it’s holistic and comprehensive.

When you work with us, you won’t just get a personal style or brand refresh. We address the “big picture” and connect the dots between what you want to accomplish and how to make it happen.

We also address every aspect of impression and influence. Clothing, style, color psychology, communication methods, sales psychology, website and social media presence… When you’re done, you’ll know how to project the image you want in any situation.

You get so much more than a makeover— we give you an image toolbox that you can use to market yourself and succeed at anything you want to achieve.

Committed To Best Service

Another thing you’ll appreciate about our approach is that we’re very warm and supportive.

Our goal is to make you feel confident, not tear you down with criticism or judgement. From the moment you walk in, we want you to feel comfortable so you open up and reveal your true personality. After all, that’s the only way we can really match your image with your authentic self.

We’ve had over 500 clients who have been very happy with our work, as we know you will be.

Enjoy these success stories!

Committed To Getting You Real Results

Empowered By Style utilises a highly effective and exclusive system based on research, psychological science, and effective communication techniques.

Research tells us that humans make most of our decisions about a person within the first 3 seconds of meeting them.

First impressions are:

55% Visual Appearance – How you look and act 38% Vocal Appearance – The tonality of your voice 7% Verbal Appearance – The words you say

That’s why the Empowered by Style team is made up of experts in many fields. It’s not just your clothes that make an impression— your posture, gestures, tone of voice, eye contact, the color of your shirt… all of it can be used to subconsciously communicate what you want others to perceive.

Committed To Giving Back

We strongly believe in making everyone feel empowered. That’s why Empowered By Style gives 5% of profits to Act for Kids, a charity that provides free support and counseling to kids and families who have suffered abuse.

Learn more about Act for Kids

About Our Founder and Director

Chantal Togany started Empowered by Style in 2013. She has a degree in psychological science and diplomas in both Life Coaching and Counseling & Communications. She also has extensive training and certifications in Personal Style & Image and Color Analysis.

In the course of her career, Chantal has worked with over 800 individuals and business owners, helping them achieve better professional and financial success through perfecting the art and science of personal branding.

Most recently, Chantal was crowned Mrs. Australia 2018 and finished in the top 16 internationally, proving how a powerful, authentic personal image can make dreams come true!

We’d love to show you how powerful image and branding can boost your success! Talk to our team and discover what we can do for you.